NEW Duck & Champagne Experience

Launching on Thursday 1st July is Blue Jasmine's brand new Duck & Champagne experience. Presenting a menu lovingly created by executive chef Daren Liew, we welcome you to indulge in a special aromatic experience, handcrafted around our signature Sarawak black pepper roasted duck. This experience is designed to excite all the senses while your mind relaxes and all your troubles melt away.

Blue Jasmine is in partnership with Champagne Louis Roederer for this venture, creating a harmony of flavours. Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the last, great, family owned houses, and are pioneers in sustainability, working hand in hand with nature.  Using organic farming methods they are able to produce champagne that is both rich and intense yet fresh and elegant, making it the perfect pairing with Blue Jasmine's Sarawak black pepper roasted Duck.

For enquiries, call Blue Jasmine on 023 8063 6387 or email

See you soon

The Blue Jasmine Team