Behind the scenes - Staff training

At Blue Jasmine, one of our core values is quality. In order to strive for the highest quality service, we invest a lot of time into staff training and we would love to show you a sneak peek behind the scenes. From food tastings with executive chef Daren and Whisky tastings with bar manager David, to Champagne training with our supplier Louis Roederer Champagne; we’ve done it all.

Our dedicated staff really enjoy learning about the details of our ingredients so that they can pass as much of that knowledge on to you at the table.

As well as learning about specific drinks, dishes and ingredients, we also value cross-training in our staff. New, as well as experienced staff members, will often switch roles with another department for a day in order to learn more about the operation of the restaurant.

Recently, head waitress Federica and supervisor Pavel spent a day in the kitchen working on the food pass. In hindsight, they both felt that it helped them learn more about how our kitchen works and helped them to improve their work in front of house.

The Blue Jasmine Team